Neighbourhood markets as social community drivers

Image: COFO architects, from winning proposal Europan 15 “Visserijplein”

How could our live-and-work environments look like in the future in Rotterdam? In this online session, we’ll study how public markets can activate local economies and strenghten social cohesion. Sign up here to join this webinar by Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam (in English).

Public markets come in all shapes and sizes; indoor or outdoor, specific to a particular product or type of food or mixed, located in the same place or travelling. But successful public markets all have one thing in common: they are driven by local communities.

In this session, Guillem Colomer (COFO architects) – winner of Europan 15 Rotterdam “Visserijplein” – presents three case studies of community driven market typologies that are relevant to the context of the Visserijplein in Bospolder Tussendijken (BoTu) in Rotterdam. Together with a panel of experts and Rotterdam city makers he will explore creative measures to bring public markets to the next level, as civic conveners to connect social life to commerce, and create a new sense of community. And by doing so, draw lessons for the local economy of BoTu and the future development of the Visserijplein.

About COFO
COFO architects was founded by Guillem Colomer in 2015. Operating from Rotterdam and Barcelona, the practice has since been involved in a wide variety of architecture and urban projects. Operating within the logics of each specific context and local community, the ambitious designs are always realised by mobilising a Collective Force.

You can sign up for this online webinar via the ‘Meld je aan’ button below. This session is part of a series focussing on work-and-live typologies of the future, all taking place on Wednesday 25th of November. Click here to join other Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam sessions.