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Ecological social and affordable housing

Image: h3o, from winning proposal Europan 15 “Kop Dakpark”

How could our live-and-work environments look like in the future in Rotterdam? In this online session, we’ll study the potential of sustainable environments, both ecologically and socially. Sign up here to join this webinar by Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam (in English).

Miquel Ruizwinner of Europan 15 Rotterdam “Kop Dakpark” – presents three case studies of ecological social and affordable housing typologies that are relevant to the context of “Dakpark”, bordering Bospolder Tussendijken (BoTu) and the Merwevierhavens area (M4H) in Rotterdam. Together with a panel of experts and Rotterdam city makers he will zoom in on the opportunities for ecological and social sustainable environments in Rotterdam and draw lessons for the future development of the Dakpark.

About h3o
h3o is an architecture studio based in Barcelona. Founded by Joan Gener, Adrià Orriols and Miquel Ruiz, the studio aims to foster excellence in architecture and urban design. Its creations confront today’s challenges through a deep understanding of the current complex globalized society. Climate change, social responsibility and hybridization of new human and non-human realities lay at the core of every project.

You can sign up for this online webinar via the ‘Meld je aan’ button below. This session is part of a series focussing on work-and-live typologies of the future, all taking place on Wednesday 25th of November. Click here to join other Europan 15 x Productive Rotterdam sessions.